IHF World Tracking Dog Championship 2023

Competition of the best trackers

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This year’s IHF World Championship for Tracking Dogs (IGP-FH) will take place in Saxony-Anhalt from 22 to 24 September 2023. We are guests of HSV Magdeburg North, Großer Kannenstieg 5, 39128 Magdeburg. In the extensive grounds in the immediate vicinity of Magdeburg, the best teams from the member countries of the International Hovawart Federation will compete for the title.

IHF-Worldchampion IGP-FH 2023 : Elisabeth Scarpellini und Gipstern Jola


IHF International Hovawart Federation
RZV Rassezuchtverein für Hovawart-Hunde e.V.
Host club: HSV Magdeburg Nord

Test director: Anno Reifenrath (+49 160 9942 6344)
Judges: Wolfgang Dill, Thomas Feldbusch (both RZV)

Tracklayers: Heiko Drechsler, Susanne Drechsler, Janine Dolle, Sascha Dolle, Bernd Henschel, Kathrin Köttgen


…to be submitted by mail to the respective IHF representative of the member country!

Deadline: Friday, 25 August 2023

Entry fee: 40,00 € (to be paid on 22.09. when handing in the papers)
Documents: pedigree, performance card, vaccination certificate, dog liability insurance

Schedule and track timetables will be published after the closing date for registration.

Friday, 22 September 2023 – Arrival

Note: Tracking area for training purposes will not be offered!

19:00: Festive evening in Salon Wörlitz, dinner for 24,90 € / person (to be paid on site)
Presentation of the participants with drawing of lots for groups A and B

Saturday, 23 September 2023 – 1st day of competition

06:45: Meeting of the track layers
07:00: Laying of tracks according to schedule
08:45: Arrival of dog handlers and officials at the track area
09:15: Greeting, drawing of starting order, identity check, impartiality check.
10:00: Start of tracking work
~14:00: End of the first day of competition
19:00: Dinner together (to be paid on site)

Sunday, 24 September 2023 – 2nd day of competition

06:45: Meeting of the track layers
07:00: Laying of tracks according to schedule
09:15: Meeting of the participants in the track area
10:00: Start of tracking work
~14:00: End of track work
14:15: Meeting at the adjacent dog park
~15:15: Award ceremony

Time Schedule Tracks

Drinks, sandwiches, cakes and lunch will be provided at the track site on both days.

IHF World Championship of Tracking Dogs (IGP-FH) 2023, Magdeburg

Dog Handler
Hund / DogFährte 1
Track 1
Fährte 2
Track 2
1Dirk HöferBonita von der Donaustrasse9495189 sg3
2Sonja von AschenDino vom Kilianstein9894192 v2
3Matthias KockGloria vom Königs-Hof5492146 mh-
4Elisabeth ScarpelliniGipstern Jola9698194 vIHF-Worldchampion
5Camilla HämäläinenTallivahdin Kommödianten107484 mh-
6Antje EngelDenzel Grofje Celjski4287129 mh-
7Erika Pálné TóthPusztai Pandur Quick8894182 sg4
8Erika Pálné TóthPusztai Pandur Lótusz8293175 g5
9Emma GrundströmSwedehof's Liberty5990149 mh-
10Jaroslav FuskaAmigo z Domu na Hvezdarni7283155 bf8
11Jiri BulanBellatrix Gamma Leonis7681157 bf7
12Miroslav PospisilFelicita Amijon Star7990169 g6
Wertnoten: v=vorzüglich/excellent | sg=sehr gut/very good | g=gut/good | bf=befriedigend/satisfactory | mh=mangelhaft/deficient
Abbr.=Abbruch/Abort | zg=zurückgezogen/drawn back | Disq.=Disqualifikation

Tracking Ground

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Unauthorized entering of the tracking area leads immediately to disqualification.


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Registration under the key word „IHF WM Fährten“ until 01 September 2023 at the latest.
Prices: 81,00 € (single occupancy), 108,00 € (double occupancy), payable 2 weeks before arrival at the latest
Arrangement: Bed and breakfast (a one-time flat rate of 15,00 € per dog will be charged)
Arrival date: Friday, 22.09.2023 from 15:00
Departure: Sunday, 24.09.2023 until 11:00
Parking: 160 free parking spaces and 8 charging spaces for e-vehicles on the hotel grounds


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